November 5, 2007 - Dry Tortugas National Park, Part 2

We are posting a lot of photos of the place because most people reading this will not have a chance to visit here.  We are not likely to get another chance.  It was beautiful and interesting. 

This is a telephoto shot of the birds on the next key (island):

Lots of informational signs on the roof:

More views:

We went back to the ship to eat lunch.  Those who ate outside had to fight off the birds who wanted to steal the food.

Notice there are no tree rings:

Now we were ready to snorkel.  We put on our gear and Bill grabbed the disposable underwater camera and we went snorkeling.

After a bit Bill felt a bit queasy, he hadn't fully recovered from the rough ride out.  Then Bill got foot cramps, not uncommon for him with fins.  Between the two problems he decided he was not in good shape to snorkel.  Bill came out and walked the perimeter while Diane snorkeled.  Here is Diane in the water:

These fish were invisible if you were in the water, but very visible up above:

Loggerhead Key in the distance, with the lighthouse:

This part of the fort is not looking as good:

Diane in the foreground:

We kept going, Diane in the water and Bill on the path:

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