November 5, 2007 - Dry Tortugas National Park, Part 4

Some nice informational signs:

A nice sign on the reef fish:

We had done well in the past with disposable underwater cameras.  They costs $11-16 each.  The Canon A710IS does have a $170 underwater housing, but since we don't get to snorkel much we didn't think it worthwhile getting one.  Especially since the last time we used an underwater camera was January 1, 2004 on our trip into Biscayne National Park

This camera was not very good.  It used 800 speed film and was very grainy and behaved like very old film.  Maybe it was stored somewhere hot since the date on the camera was fine.  Anyway these are the photos we thought at least usable from the camera.

A jelly fish:

Sea grass:

The rest of these photos were taken by Diane.


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