Our Time at Life On Wheels in July 2007

Sunday the 8th was opening ceremonies, here is the outside of the building:

Eric-E of Eric-E.com entertained us before the instructors came in and the speeches started.  He lives in Moscow and we realized he had provided entertainment at an earlier Life On Wheels we had attended after listening a while:

720x480 WMV video of Eric-E (5.52M)

The light was not bright so here is the best photo of the instructors during the opening ceremony:

Our neighbor was having power problems so they moved them to the middle:

Here is Cindi's newer Hi-Lo trailer with a slide:

One day Bill went up along the Kibbe Dome and took photos looking down at Lot A (grass):


Gary and Gypsy John's motorhomes:

Our motorhome is in the middle of the photo with the green windshield and awning out:

You can see the Palouse Country in the background:

The tents with Mike's motorhome behind them:

Lot B (gravel and asphalt):

Lot C (dry camping):

Luke and Judy ended up right behind Lee.

The staff pizza party was just across from where we were visiting Deb:

Mike saw Bill taking the photo and waved:

Mike was kind enough to supply another of his 360 degree views taken from Lot A, it is here and is a 790kb Flash file

With our neighbor gone we had a large campsite:

The Chamber of Commerce hosted a BBQ for us downtown and fed us in an air conditioned building:

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