July 2 to 16, 2007 - Eastern WA and Life On Wheels in Moscow, ID

July 2nd we left the ocean and headed east.  We drove across the Columbia River on the Astoria Bridge into Oregon and took US30 to the bridge over the Columbia River into Longview, WA to connect to I-5 going south.  From I-5 we took I-205 and crossed the Columbia River into Portland, OR where we picked up I-84 going east.  From I-84 we crossed the Columbia River for the fourth and last time on US97 heading north into Washington State.  Our original plan was to stop at Maryhill State Park, but we decided to head to Toppenish, WA and stay at the Yakama Nation RV Resort since it had free Wi-Fi.  After 275 miles here is our campsite:

It was hot and the Wi-Fi was down!  We were tired so we drove into Yakima for dinner someplace we knew, but nothing exciting.  We did notice a good place to get diesel the next morning.  But we didn't have internet.

July 2nd we headed for Moses Lake, WA stopping at the truck stop we had seen for diesel.  After 119 miles we were set up at Pier 4 Resort:

It was over 100 all three days we were in Moses Lake.  But it was relatively quiet on July 4th, which is much better than it was in Seaview where there were many fireworks going before we left. 

July 6th we drove down to Othello, WA and met up with friend Gypsy John and we caravanned towards Moscow, ID.  John detoured in Pullman, WA to meet someone else so we went into line without him at the Life On Wheels conference.  We were waiting for them to open up Lot A, the grass one, with other RVs:

Just after 5PM they parked us, we were the last ones parked in Lot A that day after a 146 mile drive.  You can see it looks about the same as our last Life on Wheels in 2004.

The view west, you can just see Gypsy John's motorhome past the flag.  He was in the 24-hour power area and got parked separately from us.

Saturday morning, the 7th, we visited the Farmer's Market in downtown Moscow and bought some fruit and bread:

More RVs came in during the day:

This was an interesting homemade motorhome:

This one had Hawaii plates (intentionally made the license number unreadable):

Life on Wheels activities

It was hot all week in Moscow.  But we did get a lot of chances to visit people, we did go to classes and we did eat out.  We even had a nice sunset one evening:

Our best food find was Sangria Grille.  It had a large menu and most everything was quite good.  We tried it three times and only one person was disappointed.

We really enjoyed visiting with friends and meeting some new people.  We also learned stuff in classes even though it was our fourth Life on Wheels.

July 14th we and Gypsy John caravanned 171 miles to Sandy Heights RV Park in Pasco, WA, a place we know well and were last camped at in May 2006.  Here is our campsite this time:

We had interesting neighbors with a retro trailer and an old car to pull a tent trailer:

Gypsy John camped right across from us:

We had dinner with Gypsy John at Cinco de Mayo that night and he headed on into Oregon the next morning.  We met up with friends during the rest of our visit.  We did not visit Diane's brother since we knew we were going to see him when we were back in the Seattle area.

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