October 17, 2007 - Everglades National Park, Part 4

We started heading back from Flamingo.  Here are some crows at Nine Mile Pond hoping we would feed them:

Back across Rock Reef Pass.  You might think this is a joke, but this is the ridgeline between the Gulf side of Florida and the Atlantic side and is only 3 feet in elevation.  It will not take much rise in sea level to flood the Everglades.

We took the Anhinga Trail again, hoping to see more.

Another anhinga:

More alligator gar:

Bromeliad in bloom:

In winter these trees are full of anhinga:

Another gator:

And another (the only two we saw this time):

A little green heron:

It was interesting to visit Everglades in October, but we would rather see it in winter when things dry out and the animals are more concentrated. 

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