April 5, 2007 - Monterey, CA Day Trip, Part 1

It was supposed to be a decent day so we drove over Hecker Pass to Monterey.  Here is the view from the top of the pass:

The Monterey Visitors Center:

We parked at Fisherman's Wharf:

The Wharf itself:

There were no sea lions barking this day.  Some days they can be very loud.

We decided not to eat on the Wharf, but closer to the Aquarium in Cannery Row.  We walked towards Cannery Row.

Both of us have spent time visiting Monterey in past years, both together and singly.  In many ways the city had not changed much.

Harbor seals resting on submerged rocks:

Cormorant on rocks:

Canadian Goose on the shore:

Large shot of the harbor seals:


More seals:

Flowers blooming:

A view of the harbor looking at the Wharf:

More flowers:

Sea otters in the distance:

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