April 8, 2007 - Highway up north of Santa Cruz

April 8th the weather on the ocean was supposed to be sunny so we headed for Santa Cruz.  Here is an informational sign in Santa Cruz where the surfers hang out:

Surfing is big here:

3.98MB Quicktime movie of a fairly good surfer

Downtown Santa Cruz where we had lunch:

We decided to explore going north on CA1 and drove past Half Moon Bay.  Here is a typical scene at a state beach:

People were enjoying the good weather on the ocean:

Ice plants:

Other flowers:

The surf:

More scenic shots of the coastline:

Yellow ice plants:

Calla lilies growing wild:

More shoreline photos:

A river coming into the ocean:

Some brown pelicans.

It is just so beautiful:

Parasailing just north of Santa Cruz:

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