April 28 to 29, 2007 - Redding, CA

On April 28th the Advisory Council meeting ran until just after 11AM.  Diane was just finishing getting the motorhome ready to travel when Bill came back.  We drove 220 miles north on I-5 from Stockton to Redding, CA.  We stayed at Mountain Gate RV Park and had a nice long campsite:

April 29th we drove into Redding and visited the famous sundial bridge in town.  Of course that was not the plan so the newer cameras were left in the motorhome.  All photos were with the Canon G1.  Here is the sundial bridge showing the very nice weather we had:

View from the bridge west up the Sacramento River:

Great egret in river

On the other side you can get to the water:

It was just before noon but the wrong time of year for the sundial to be accurate:

But twice a year this is noon:

Nice flowers and a butterfly moving too fast:

Short 320x200 WMV video of the butterfly


These clover looked almost like red lavender:

California poppies:

The sundial bridge from the east:

Boaters on the river:

It was a nice spot to visit in Redding. 

We relaxed a bit in Redding and shopped at Costco.  It was a good spot to stop a couple nights.

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