April 30 to May 4, 2007 - Eugene, OR area

April 30th we drove 310 miles up through Klamath Falls, OR and over the Cascade Mountains to Eugene Kamping World in Coburg, OR.  We last stayed here April of 2005.

We also wanted to be ahead of the cooler weather coming in.  We had appointments starting May 2nd, Wednesday, through May 4th at 8AM.  While at these appointments we had to take Evita with us in the car.   The appointment on the 2nd was at Cummins to do annual maintenance on the engine and chassis and to fix an air leak.  We started the day visiting Three Rivers Mall where there is a nice trail on the river:

Then we moved to another park with ducks and geese and trails:

Momma duck decided to take the little ones across the road:

But the chicks are too short to go over the curb:

The pond the ducks came from:

Momma duck finally moved the chicks back to the other side where there was a low entrance the chicks could use:

Video of ducks video (2.20MB Quicktime), (0.518MB Windows Media Viewer)

One trail was for Steve Prefontaine:

The geese were very interested in Evita and us:

The chicks are back and running in our direction:

Another ducks video (1.58MB Quicktime), (0.368MB Windows Media Viewer)

Nice wildflower:

Madrona tree in bloom with a scrub jay in it:

Close up of the scrub jay in this photo.  First scrub jay we had seen north of California:

Friend Gypsy John was in town so we went out to dinner at Lok Yaun in Eugene.  Good Chinese with huge portions.

In the morning we drove across Eugene to Carrier and Sons for work on the motorhome.  They were able to fix one item and ordered the parts for the other two. 

The work was done by lunchtime so we moved back to Eugene Kamping World:

We wondered if our neighbor's rug was orange shag based on their outside colors:

We and John met Greg and Deb at Torero's for dinner in Springfield.  The menu and logo are the same as the Torero's in the Seattle area so we think they are related. 

Greg and Deb own AM Solar and we got to see the land they are getting ready to build a new place on.  Our Friday appointment was at AM Solar. 

In the morning we drove to Springfield to their interim location, new since we last visited in September 2004.

Here is the motorhome behind the door getting a new model solar controller installed. 

We got to visit a bit more with Deb and Greg during the morning and John came by so we visited more with him.  We were done just after lunch with our new install and could head on to Portland.

Evita photos and video from our time in this area

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