May 4 to 6, 2007 - Portland, OR

Timing is everything.  When we originally were coming north we planned to visit Diane's aunt and uncle Anne and Wayne after our work in Eugene and visit our friend Mike one day during that stay.  But it turned out they were out of town so we again camped at Columbia River RV Resort where Mike stays, just like in May 2006.  It was a 133 mile drive from Springfield, OR, but the last 20 miles were stop and go through Portland.  Here is our campsite:

Mike and Mac's motorhome:

Our new solar controller panel (the inner panel is the real one, the outer plate is just covering the hole the old controller needed):

The new solar controller in the bay next to the inverter/charger.  The yellow wire is the battery monitor wire:

One day we had a semi potluck dinner with Mike and two other people staying at the campground, Joyce and Lee.

Here is Joyce's motorhome:

Lee's motorhome:

A Cambridge fifth wheel in the campground.  Photo taken for Linda and Howard:

Mike doing the photos for a 360 degree panorama of our solar setup:

A close up of how the camera is mounted:

1 MB Quicktime 360 view of our motorhome and the campground that Mike created

A flash version of the same , 1MB (added 28-Aug-07).

Photo of Bill taken by Mike with his camera on a pole:

Photos of us taken by Mike as we were getting ready to take off (notice Evita was in the windshield):

We enjoyed our visit with Mike and Mac and Portland in general.

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