May 7 to 13, 2007 - Olympia/Tumwater/Centralia, WA area

May 7th we drove out of Portland and after 94 miles we were camped again at Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA, where we last camped in September 2006.  We stay in this campground a lot and here is our campsite this time:

We visited with Bill's mother, Elena, much of our time.  Here is her living room:

Meesha watching the outside:

Birds at her feeders including this grosbeak:



"Little brown bird (LBB)"

We also visited with friends while in town. This included Carl, Laureen and Fuchsia with the added fun of Jim being in town and a short visit with Carl's brother Mathew, whom Bill hadn't seen in many years.  Also we visited with Rex over dinner at Red Robin.  We went out to eat twice at Budd Bay Cafe, once for dinner and the other time for Mother's Day Brunch.  We even managed to have a lunch at Burgerville in Centralia during our visit. The weather was quite nice during our visit.

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