May 14 to 23, 2007 - Fall City, WA (Seattle metro)

On May 14th we drove a very familiar 103 miles from Outback RV Park to Tall Chief RV Resort in Fall City, WA.   Our normal campsite was full so we tried another and were successful about getting the satellite dish to work here.  It was further off the main road and the site was nice so it might be our new favorite campsite here.

Our neighbor had a watch gorilla:

The settling pond was not full of water this time, which is good since mosquitoes love to breed there:

The sewer plant next to the laundry and dump station (lovely, no?)

Satellite dishes on the side of the roads since the campsites have trees in them:

Photos of Rhododendrons at Tall Chief. If you like flower photos you should enjoy this webpage.

We had medical appointments most days we were in town and met with many friends.  On Saturday, May 20th, we went to our friend's Betsy and Dan's 25th Wedding Anniversary party in Seattle.  The party was originally going to be a picnic but the weather was not cooperating so they held it at their house.  Here are a few photos Bill took:

Once the party started calming down Maisy came out to investigate:

Dan and Jenny came in the 21st and camped just down the hill where we could see if they were home:

We hadn't seen them since we met up in Fort Stockton, TX in November.  We did stay on their lot in Yuma, AZ in January.

Here is Jenny teasing the cats with a laser pointer:



Sasha with the glow from the camera flash that would not go away cleanly with editing so we left it:

We enjoyed visiting with our friends and family.  We hadn't seen most of them since last summer.  We enjoyed eating at Cafe Veloce, Chan's Place, Ixtapa (getting expensive) , Noodle Land, Pogacha of Issaquah, and Udupi Palace along with getting our Seattle teriyaki fix at Nasai Teriyaki.  We also added India Gate (it had been many years since we tried it and it was still quite good) and Pomegranate Bistro to the restaurants list.  Many of these restaurant visits were with friends.

Our replacement day/night shade finally caught up to us and we installed it.  This was ordered in March and the first one was wrong and caught by the dealer which delayed us getting the right one by a month. 

Don Ellsworth, who made our sun screens in 2004, repaired our main sunscreen for us that had broken a couple weeks earlier.  Somehow we had some brass snaps instead of stainless steel so we replaced them all.  The timing was good for it to break since we were going to be where Don was.

If any place is home, it is this area.  But the heavy traffic and high prices, the locals can keep.

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