January 27 to February 7, 2007 - Yuma, AZ with trip to Bullhead City, AZ

On January 27th we left Quartzsite and drove 84 miles to our friends Dan and Jenny's lot in the foothills of Yuma, AZ.   The last time we were in Yuma was in the winter of 2005.  Dan and Jenny were in south Texas and soon heading into Mexico.

Here is our campsite that we shared with Hila, her dog Triscuit and her fifth wheel:

January 30th we made the 195 mile drive north to the Laughlin, NV/Bullhead City, AZ area to get our awning repaired.  Here is our dry and free campsite at the Avi Casino:

Evita liked it, there were birds to watch and friendly people:

This solar panel was attached to a car's trunk, we just had to take a picture of it:

Our awning fixed, we drove 202 miles from Mohave RV Repair back to Yuma on the 31st.  We parked a bit differently so we could walk around the slide:

Evita made it difficult for Diane around the Ocotillo:

Friend Glenn talking to customers at the Arizona Marketplace in Yuma on February 1st:


Triscuit and Evita got used to each other and Triscuit treated us like family.  She would jump into the car if we left the door open.

Superbowl Sunday we went to Owen and Vivian's for a party, they were about a mile away.  Here are the women outside:

Owen is wondering what Bill is taking pictures of:

Some of the guys watched the game, others watched the commercials:

Pictures of Dan and Jenny's lot during our visit.

Here we are the morning of the 7th ready to head down the road.  We do not have many pictures of the motorhome ready to travel so here is one:

Hila wanted pictures and Evita even came out so she could have her picture taken:

Hila and Triscuit in front of our motorhome.  We had a good time with them both.

We enjoyed our time in Yuma.  We had Glenn and Sheila over for happy hour one day and that was fun.  We visited with the neighbors.  We visited with friends in town including dinner with Bill, Donzella, and Audrey at Mr Lu's Chinese Super Buffet, which was good.   Most days the weather was nice, a couple got into the 80s and a few just made it into the 60s.

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