January 27 to February 6, 2007 - Lot in Yuma, AZ

Dan and Jenny's lot had taken some frost damage but was still a nice place with many plantings.  Here is what happened to the bougainvillea, not just in their yard but all over Arizona and southern California from the frost:

The bird of paradise is gone, but this volunteer sunflower is doing well and Hila had been watering it.

Most of the cactus are doing fine:

The neighbor's bougainvilleas are all dead, at least above ground:

This large agave had survived fine:

We did have a nice sunset this last day of January:

Hila found some stuff to make the bird of paradise spot nicer:

A close-up:

One evening we had a really nice sunset:

Bill trying to kill the big red ants with traps.  They seemed to like the traps and Hila said it reduced the number of ants:

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