May 24 to 30, 2007 - Mount Vernon/Skagit Valley, WA

May 24th we drove 87 miles to Mount Vernon Thousand Trails, which is actually north of Mount Vernon, WA in Bow.  We could not get level in our first campsite so this is our second one:

Unfortunately the electric power was really bad but we survived.  We will go back to the La Conner Thousand Trails when we come back to this area, it was where we stayed in August 2005.

One of our missions visiting this area was to meet Dick's new wife, Pat.  Pat is a great person and an excellent companion for Dick.  Here are her two cats, Pee Wee:


Dick and Pat at Cascade Pizza:

Barbara and "the other Dick", who joined us at Cascade Pizza after we moved some furniture from Dick's old house to Pat's house. 

One day we took Chuckanut Drive, a scenic route north to Bellingham.  Here is a view from one of the scenic turnouts.

Evita enjoying the campsite:

May 28th day trip to La Conner

Joe walking Barnie.  We know Joe and Maggie and stopped to visit them at the Thousand Trails one day.

Some of the rabbits at the campground:

Mount Baker Highway Day trip on May 29th

Huggy, Dick's cat, still at the old house.  Huggy finally moved to the new house a couple days after we moved on.

They were paving by Dick's old house, and in front of the "other Dick" and Barbara's house:

Dick's old house where we helped sorting stuff to move, go into storage, or to be sold or auctioned off:

Dick is now fully moved out of the house and it is for sale.

We also got a tour of Dick and Pat's new motorhome. 

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