May 31 to June 15, 2007 - Poulsbo, WA and Eugene, OR

We left Mount Vernon on May 31 and drove down through Seattle.  Here is the Seattle skyline from southbound I-5:

The former Rainier Brewery is now the home of Tully's Coffee (way better than Starbuck's):

Mount Rainier through the haze:

158 miles later we were in our favorite campsite at Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo.  Our last stay here was September 2006.

Eagle Tree now has good free Wi-Fi for daily and weekly guests but we still set up the dish since we are doing a hardware upgrade during this stay.

Nancie and Sandy were still on the way back from family business in Colorado so we went to the house to relieve friend Karol, who had been feeding OB and watering.

OB was thrilled to see us and very friendly and loving.  More loving and friendly than she had ever been to us before.

In these photos she looks a lot like Evita.

Luckily she stayed friendly the whole rest of the visit.  We think she finally realized we we OK and didn't bring a dog with us.

Late that night Nancie and Sandy came back from their trip.  The next day we came over and got to meet Kylie

Kylie has lots of energy and a mind of her own.  She is a handful.

OB again:

"Kylie, Down!" Windows Media Viewer (.wmv) video (1.57MB) showing how energetic Kylie is.

Diane had jury duty and did have to go in.  She was #40 of the jury pool and the last one seated on the jury was #33.  It still took two days.  We had reserved for two weeks in Poulsbo just in case.

A view from the yard during a very low tide:

More Kylie photos:

High tide close to sunset with a Great Blue Heron on the raft:

A closeup of the Great Blue Heron

Another shot:

Sandy with Kylie and OB:

Kylie again, who is the master of looking cute:

A nice shot of OB:

We enjoyed our stay in Poulsbo and ate at our normal haunts, including New Kings Wok in Silverdale, That's a Some Italian, JJ's Fish House, and Chungs Teriyaki in Poulsbo.

June 14th we drove 300 miles through Portland, OR to Eugene Kamping World in Coburg, OR.  This is the same campsite we had the second time we stayed here in May.

We had dinner at the Original Roadhouse in Springfield and shopped at Costco and Trader Joes.  We needed to be up early to get our parts installed.

We drove 12 miles the morning of the 15th to Carrier and Sons to get our parts installed.  Here is where we were camped.  The Country Coach motorhome next to us has a wrap on it to advertise their cause, which is grandparents rights. 

The motorhome on the other side of us looked familiar and it turned out to be Don and Nicky, whom we had not seen since the Spring Escapade.

We thought both parts would be reasonably easy to replace but didn't realize one of them was welded in, the latch for the battery tray  They painted the new latch, cut the welds to remove the old one and waited for the paint to dry.  Here is how it looked with the old latch removed.

After they welded the new latch in they had to paint some more and let it dry before testing the latch.   Didn't get dry until 1:30PM and we were blocked from moving by another RV being repaired so we decided to stay the night.  They could have moved the other RV and we would have been on the road by 2:30PM, but we had over 200 miles to travel.  We had 30AMP electric and water, so we were set.  We were very happy with Carrier and Sons and will come back to them in the future.

We ended up going out to dinner with Don and Nicky to Olive Garden.  We will be seeing them again in a couple weeks in Long Beach, WA.

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