April 6 to 8, 2008 - Texas on I-20 in Spring

We left Lafayette, Louisiana April 6th and headed north on I-49 through rural Louisiana.  It was very pretty with a light colored version of a bluebell on the side of the road in many places.  By Shreveport we connected to I-20 and headed west into Texas.  The bluebells got darker and had the company of orange indian paintbrush here and there, but the scenery was not as nice.  After 280 miles we landed at Shallow Creek RV Resort in Gladewater, TX.

Not a very level place for being so highly rated:

April 7th we headed out and drove through the Dallas/Fort Worth metro, which was much easier than Houston.  We ended up just west of Fort Worth at Cowtown RV Park in Aledo, TX after 175 miles.

We took advantage of having Costco in the area and ate out at both a Carinos (used to be called "Johnny Carinos", but they are changing their signs) and Braum's.  Braum's was not as good as we remembered from Hutchinson, KS and Amarillo, TX, so we expect it was just this location.

Our other camping choice was the Corps of Engineers park on Benbrook Lake which we drove through to check out later.  Nice locations but not very level campsites.

Some close ups of Texas Bluebells in the campground:

Nice big campsites:

We were not in town long enough to play tourist.  Severe weather was on the way and we had a hail storm our last night in the campground.  We were planning on heading to Lubbock before Albuquerque, but changed our minds and were diverting south to Lakewood, NM instead.

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