February 11, 2009 - Cactus Queen 2009

A highlight of the Gypsy Journal Rally is the Cactus Queen contest.  Here are photos from 2007.

This time we got to be back stage.  Here are some of the contestants getting ready (this guy owns and converted the green "White" truck and trailer):


We didn't catch these two's names:

How did we get back stage, this photo tells the story.  Yes, Bill is one of the contestants and Diane gets to take all the photos and videos.

Group photos.

Nick getting ready:

Diane had never taken videos with this camera before and had to learn to not shake the camera while laughing.  All videos are WMV format.

Joel as Jolene, Contestant 1 (1.86MB)

Helena, Contestant 2 entrance (2.32MB)

Helena dancing with Nick (692KB)

Bill as Fiona, Contestant 3 (1.37MB)

John as Tammy Sue, Contest 4 entrance (896KB)

Tammy Sue flirting with Nick (1.14MB)

More of Tammy Sue (1.14MB)

Linda, Contestant 5 (1.14MB)

More of Linda (903MB)

Claudia, Contestant 6 (1.28MB)

Nick being mobbed (1.01MB)

Voting for Linda (1.35MB)

Voting for Tammy Sue (896KB)

Voting for Fiona (1.19MB)

Voting for Jolene (1.66MB)

Final voting (3.63MB)

Our winner was Jolene:

Some after photos:

Bill now can check off "dress up in drag" on his life list.

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