February 6 to 12, 2009 - Gila Bend and Casa Grande, AZ

February 6th we headed out of Bullhead City, fueled up the motorhome and drove back through Quartzsite and then east to Gila Bend, AZ for a 260 mile trip, a bit of a long day for us.  We again camped at Augie's Quail Trail RV Park, where we last stayed in February 2007.

We knew a couple others camped from Boomers and chatted with them.  The plan was to go to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on the 7th but the weather forecast was not good.  We ended up going up to Avondale, had lunch at Islands and bought some stuff at Hobby Lobby and Costco.  Some of the others went to Organ Pipe Cactus and the weather was decent instead of what was forecast.  Next time.

We did have a nice sunset on the 7th:

It did rain hard overnight.

February 8th we drove 73 miles to the Pinal County Fairgrounds in Casa Grande, Arizona for the Gypsy Journal Rally.  We last attended this rally in February 2007.  We were last camped in Casa Grande in November 2008 but that was way across town.  Here is our muddy from the rain campsite.

While Bill was helping with parking he saw this "rainbow", or actually the bottom of rainbow:

A close up:

Some more of the wet fairgrounds:

Handicapped parking:

This truck and trailer were fun:

This was a custom conversion of an old "White" truck and trailer that many wanted to tour.

Lots of RVs

Pictures from Days 1 (Feb 9) and 2 (Feb 10)

Rally parking views from the ground and our motorhome roof

Cactus Queen (lots of video and some still photos)

We really enjoyed the rally.  We won a free lunch at Golden Corral and ate one lunch there.  We also had meals out with good friends at Cafe de Manuel (twice) and Mimi's Cafe.  The rally was great fun and the people were great.

Evita photos since she was being cute:

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