February 13 to 15, 2009 - Winterhaven, CA (Yuma, AZ)

February 13th we left the fairgrounds in Casa Grande and headed west on I-8.  We stopped to fuel up in Yuma, AZ since the price was much better than California and then headed across the state line to Pilot Knob Resort in Winterhaven, CA, which is more of a suburb of Yuma, Arizona.  They even follow Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time) instead of Pacific Time.  There was a slow down on I-8 in California since the new casino just opened, but it did not delay us very much.  The guy at check-in asked if we had an extension for our 50AMP cord and Bill said we did so he put us in site #10. We learned why he asked when we set up, the electric was way over in back and because of where the sewer was we had to stay fairly far forward.  Anyway after 201 miles here we were:

Showing how far away the electricity and water were:

Where the sewer was:

Other than a strange utility set up it was a good campsite, especially for only three nights.

We were busy visiting friends while in the area.  The 13th we met Dan and Jenny at Mimi's for dinner.  We had last seen them in Quartszite in January.  We met with Bill and Donzella on the 14th.  We had last seen them in Indio in January.  The 15th Lawrence came over to see Evita and then the three of us went to Happy Greek Chef in Yuma for lunch.  We had not seen Lawrence since February 2008 in Fort Myers, Florida.  It was great to meet up with him again.  Afterwards we went to visit with Vivian and Owen, who we last saw in costume in Indio.  Lawrence called and came over to retrieve his sunglasses and it turned out he was just down the street from Vivian and Owen, so they chatted a while and he helped a friend of theirs with RV solo group information.  It was great to see everyone again.

This entry completes our time in Arizona for the winter.  We ended up spending 70 nights in Arizona from October through February, not counting these three nights since we slept in California.  Now we will be spending the rest of the winter in California.

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