January 22 to 26, 2009 - Quartzsite, AZ with the Boomers

We headed out of Desert Hot Springs, topped off the diesel tank and headed for Quartzsite, AZ.  Just before Quartzsite we saw this plane towing a sign.

OK, it was advertising. 

Coming into Quartzsite on I-10 going east.  Those white spots are RVs camped in the desert.  We are heading to the Escapees Boomers BOF location, called "Boomerville".  The furthest right set of white spots is Boomerville, they are the last group to the southwest.

A closer view, sorry it is not fully in focus.  Boomerville is the clump to the right.

We came in about social hour so we set up out back instead of looking for the perfect place.  We did face east so we could tilt the solar panels for maximum battery charging.  Too bad the clouds were not helping the battery charging today.

Diane did go down to the social hour while Bill finished setting up.  We had driven 151 miles but also changed time zones, losing an hour, and stopped to fill the tank which also took time.

In other trips to Quartzsite we have stayed with two groups for about 5 or 6 days each, but this year we came a bit later and are only staying with the Boomers.   Our last stay was in 2007.

A photo a couple days later showing us getting some solar charging.  We ended up with the solar finishing the battery charging three of the four days we were there.

This bus used to be the band Genesis's tour bus.  Now it is a Boomer's home.

January 23rd was a full day of activities and photos.

January 24th Bill took some photos from the motorhome roof.

The Geraldine Contest at 3:30PM January 24th, Part 1, Part 2

After social we had pizza from the earth oven Richard and Marlene built.

Here is Richard removing the coals:

Half of the first pizza, which took three minutes to cook.

Our pizza:

A bit of fun with Richard and Marlene.

Another nice sunset as the last pizzas cooked.

The 24th was a busy day, we ended with karaoke by the fire.

January 25th we had a get together of those who are active on www.rv-dreams.com since Howard and Linda were in the area.  The last time we had seen Howard and Linda was September 2007 in Louisville, KY.

Howard (sitting), Linda (standing), JoAnn behind Diane plus others we met.

JoAnn and Doug (who hosted at their fifth wheel trailer), Howard and Linda.

More RV-Dreamers:

It was great to meet people face to face we knew online.

January 26th we again went into town to finish shopping. It was our last day. 

We only ate out once while in Quartzsite, we went with Judy and Luke to the Palo Verde Cafe and had a good meal and a great visit. 

We also visited with Dan and Jenny, who we stayed with in November, and many others we know. Boomerville is always a great time.

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