March 16 to 19, 2009 - Menifee, CA (Temecula area)

We drove the 71 miles to NACO Wilderness Lakes on March 16th.  We last stayed here starting January 2nd.

Dennis told us where he and Carol were staying so we found a spot close to them.  We had a pond behind us and a fish cleaning station.

To our surprise Bill and Jeanette were also close by, they were just across the street.

It was a bit further to Dennis and Carol, but the six of us managed to get together for social about 4PM every day we were here.

Some of the many herons (these are night herons) hanging around close to the fish cleaning station.  Some also sat on our ladder and left a bit of a mess on the roof.  But they were fun to watch.

The sunset from the mall across I-15 where we made a quick stop before meeting John and Cathy for dinner at Johnny Carinos. 

We got to hear about their Hawaii cruise since we last saw them at Pio Pico.  They were getting their RV worked on in Murrieta.

Tuesday we toured and met John and Cathy and Fran and Bill at Sam's Club in Murrieta for some socializing before we all had to part ways.  We had last seen Bill and Fran in Quartzsite with the Boomers.

Then we moved on to a social/dinner with Dennis cooking his hot wings. 

Some of the birds keeping our group company.

On the 19th we drove to Jojoba Hills SKP Resort for a tour by Fran and to visit Fran and Bill.  The view from Jojoba Hills:

The pool area:

One of the stained glass light covers in the pool room made by a resident:

A view of the entrance area.

We ate two lunches at Bangkok Chef in Temecula, it remains a favorite.

Now we are off Hesperia to visit with Misty, Sabrina and Taylor during their spring break. 

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