March 20 to 28, 2009 - Hesperia, CA

We drove the 73 miles to the Hesperia Elks lodge on March 20th.  We had last camped here in December.

We drove over and visited with Misty, Sabrina and Taylor and ate lunch and dinner with them.

Pandi when we came:

Pandi a day later after her hair cut:

Misty, Taylor and Sabrina were having a tough time with how different Pandi looked after her hair cut.

On the 23rd we moved by house, which is where we were parked at the start of the year.

No new pictures of the girls this visit.  They were having too good a time with their iPod Touches and midweek they started spending most of their time with their father for the second half of spring break.

We did get some new photos of some of the cats.



Snickers the outside male cat and Pandi challenging each other for who was the Alpha around here.

We helped Misty with some plantings:

Two of her oleanders died,  so we replaced them.  The new ones are much smaller than the old ones.

We changed to a covered litter box after one too many "issues" with Evita.  We will spare you the details. 

Birds seen from through the kitchen windows.

The five of us went to Spring House Restaurant for dinner one night.  Once the girls were spending most of their time with their father the three adults went to Mimi's Cafe, Oh Bangkok Thai and Golden Gate Chinese for meals out.

We had a great visit.

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