March 29 to 30, 2009 - Santa Barbara, CA area

We drove out of Hesperia on March 29th and headed to the Santa Barbara, CA area.  We had hoped to stay at the Elks lodge, but they were full.  We plugged in the Verizon card and booked ourselves into Thousand Trails Rancho Oso, outside of Santa Barbara, and headed in.  The entrance road is narrow and windy but we made it safely and were set up after 181 miles.  It was actually a bit longer than 181 miles because our intermittent speedometer issue came back on this journey and we did not have a speedometer or odometer for some of the trip.  We had not seen this problem in a while.

No Verizon signal here and AT&T was unreliable.  But we had satellite internet.

It is a beautiful campground and we had birds on the feeder entertaining Evita.

In the morning we saw some wild turkeys but this is the best photo we could get.

March 30th we toured.  We drove back to CA154 and headed north.  This is a viewpoint for Lake Cachuma. 

We hooked back up to US101 and headed south.  We drove around Buellton for a place to eat and decided against the choices.  We had tried Anderson's before in Santa Nella and did not remember it fondly, which is the big restaurant in Buellton.  We drove into Solvang and had a nice late breakfast at Paula's Pancake House, known for their Danish pancakes. 

Afterwards we took US101 south and it came back to the ocean:

A telephoto of one of the platforms out in the water:

The view south:

The view north:

We drove down south of Santa Barbara proper and then back north to CA154.  A view from a view point in the general direction of Rancho Oso:

A view north towards Lake Cachuma:

Now we were done with the loop and came back to our campsite.  Because of the lack of cell phone we did not extend more nights and are heading north in the morning.

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