March 31 to April 4, 2009 - Oceano (Pismo Beach), CA

Diane drove the motorhome out of Rancho Oso with Bill driving the CRV separately out the entrance road so the motorhome could back up if needed.  Luckily that did not happen though we did encounter one speed demon coming in who passed the motorhome..  Once off the entrance road we found a pull out and hooked up the car for the rest of the journey north.  Again we lost the speedometer some of the trip, probably under 2 miles.  Our odometer says we drove 72 miles.  We camped at the Oceano/Five Cities Elks lodge for five nights.

It looks like we have a lot of space but we will be crammed in for the weekend. 

We had time after setting up so we drove north to Morro Bay and Morro Rock. 

The gull is telling us not to read the sign.

The view from Morro Rock towards Morro Bay.

A close up of our gull.

This gull is illegally "parked".

The beach.

A telephoto shot of Morro Bay.

We had to use a telephoto see this bird and determine it was not an otter.

On the way back we determined where Costco was in San Luis Obispo and fueled up the car there.

April 1st we drove south on CA1 and ended up having lunch again in Solvang.  Unfortunately we did not choose as well for our lunch spot and it was just OK. 

April 2nd we drove north planning on seeing the Elephant Seals.

April 2nd trip north Part 1 (Elephant Seals), Part 2

We walked out to the beach, about 1-1/2 blocks away, to see the sunset.  The sun is coming down.

The view north.

South they allow beach camping.

The sun is getting close.

With the high fog/cloud layer we had an OK sunset.

April 3rd we went south to Santa Maria to do some shopping and had lunch at Red Robin.

The Elks campground is much more crowded for the weekend.

It was good to finally see this area.  Diane had been here as a child, but it was all new to Bill.

Now we are moving up the San Francisco Bay Area.

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