April 2, 2009 - North of Oceano, CA, Part 1

We drove up north and stopped for lunch in Cambria at Main Street Grill, a good place to stop.  We had been in Cambria many years earlier.  After lunch we drove north some more.  Here is a viewpoint south of San Simeon.

This day we went past Hearst Castle.  We had toured it many years before and were not in the mood this day to tour it again.  We were interested in the Elephant Seals that have been growing in numbers and are now a major attraction.

Here is our first view of the viewing area in the wind.

Close seals:

Further away seals:

These are all juvenile elephant seals, some born this year.  The adult males and adult females come in at different times of the year. 

The view north.

This one is relaxed.

There are seals swimming in the water:

Video of Elephant Seals Swimming (2.10MB WMV)

More photos of seals.

First video of Elephant Seals on the beach (7.52MB WMV)

Second video of Elephant Seals on the beach, two sparing (1.81MB WMV)

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