April 5 to 12, 2009 - Morgan Hill, CA

We drove up US101 from Oceano to TT Morgan Hill on April 5.  Again the speedometer was flakey so we estimate the trip was 180 miles.

We ended up a couple spaces away from where we camped in April 2007.

Wild turkeys in the campground.

The toms were really strutting.

First Video of Tom Turkey (3.80MB WMV)

Second Video of Tom Turkey (3.79MB WMV)

We did have some rainy days while visiting so we did not get out much.  

April 10 trip to Santa Cruz

We did have birds at our feeders so Evita was entertained.

Ernest and Kristi came down one day and we caught up.  We stayed in front the house they were living in March 2003  This visit was great and we are glad we were able to match up.

The only other day trip we took of any distance was up to Campbell and Sunnyvale to visit Fry's Electronics.  We found a nice fast food Indian place, Spice Hut, on that trip.

Our favorite Morgan Hill/Gilroy restaurant, Harvest Time, closed down so we searched for a suitable replacement and found it in Mamma Mia, an Italian place that knows their way around garlic.  We will be back.  Other places we ate out at were Black Bear Diner and Mimi's Cafe.

We really enjoy stopping in this area on our way north.

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