December 19 to 31, 2008 - Hesperia, CA

We left Ramona and drove 144 miles to the Hesperia, CA Elks lodge for the holidays.  There was snow on the ground, but it was melting every day.

We spent the first few days visiting Misty, the girls and Diane's parents.  Aunt Claire came down from Oregon and split her time between Hesperia and her friend's place in Studio City.   

The nights were cold but each day it was a little warmer.  You can see less snow here on the 21st.

One project with the girls and Diane was Christmas ornaments made of plastic canvas so they needed portraits.  Bill took them and they approved them.



The other big change since our last visit was Simba, the golden retriever, had died of lung cancer and was sorely missed. 

Recently Misty got a Llaso Apso puppy, Pandi.  Pandi was much smaller but a handful.  She demanded to be paid attention to and was very cute.

More photos of Pandi

Sabrina having fun with Pandi and Rosalie:

Christmas Day Photos

Katlyn, Diane's brother's daughter, arrived December 26th.   Diane's sister Kimberly, her husband Dennis and son Alex arrived December 28th. 

More presents now that everyone is here.

Family portrait:

The snow was gone by the 28th:

December 31st we moved the motorhome next to Misty's since the Elks lodge was having a big New Years Eve party.  The total distance was 4 miles.  Our last stay here was in April 2007.

The other pets (including Evita)

We did not eat out much but added the Wood Grill in Hesperia to the restaurant listings.  It was quite good.  We also ate at the local Johnny Carinos, Panda Express and On the Border.

We will move on January 2nd.  It was fun.

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