June 8 to 14, 2009 - Rochester, WA to help Bill's Mom

We found out Bill's mother, Elena, needed our help since her surgery so we headed to where she was on June 8th.  We took the slightly longer route back to US2 since it was more RV friendly and took these photos along US2 heading east into Leavenworth.

We hit some construction zones and stopped to fuel up in Tacoma, but after 222 miles we were camped at Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA again.  Our last visit was in May.

We spent a week helping Elena and did not end up visiting with any of our friends.  By the time we left we all felt she was going to be fine.

The cats were doing fine, here is Meesha:

And Zeena:

Birds at her feeders.  A Black-headed Grosbeak:

Cassin Finch male?

Cassin Finch female?

We did eat at Happy Teriyaki, Plaza Jalisco, Burgerville and Panda Express on our own and Black Bear Diner, Bread Peddler, and Budd Bay Cafe with Bill's Mom.

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