May 3 to 10, 2009 - Rochester (Olympia/Centralia), WA

May 3rd we drove north to Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA, a very familiar place.  The drive was 129 miles and it was a bit wet as you can see from the photo.  Our last stay here was in August 2008.

This was an interesting addition to a fifth wheel trailer in the campground:

Bill's mother, Elena, had a new cat, Zeena:

Meesha is still around and the two of them play:

While visiting we replaced the kitty condo:

It was a hit with Zeena:

And after a couple hours both cats enjoyed it.  Meesha is much larger than Zeena, but Zeena is in charge.

One of the birds on Elena's feeders.

The wet weather continued but we were able to match up with Carl, Laureen and Fuchsia one day and Rex another.  We also met up with Boomers Roy and Kathy at Bread Peddler in Olympia for lunch, who are building a house in town.  We hit it off well with them and might end up camped at their property on a later visit to the area.

We had dinner at Black Bear Diner, a buffet restaurant and Happy Teriyaki with Elena, Red Robin with Rex, Trinicria with Carl (Laureen and Fuchsia were busy), Casa Romas ourselves and Mother's Day Brunch at Budd Bay Cafe.

Now we are off to doctor's appointments.

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