May 11 to June 3, 2009 - Fall City and Monroe, WA (greater Seattle)

We drove from Rochester to WHR Tall Chief in Fall City, WA, a very familiar 104 miles.  We got our favorite site in Tall Chief, just like our last stay in August 2008.

Our stay in this area is to see doctors, friends and relatives.

May 18th we moved to LTR Thunderbird in Monroe, WA.  This time it was only 28 miles since they replaced the Tolt Hill Road bridge with a design a big motorhome can take, thus saving us a few miles.  Our last stay at Thunderbird was in May 2008 and we also ended up in the same campsite.

May 21st we drove up to see Dick and Pat in Mount Vernon just like our visit in May 2008.  We stopped for lunch at Bob's Burgers and Brew in Marysville on the way up.

Here are some views of the Cascade Mountains on the drive north. 

A bird in Pat and Dick's back yard.

Dick trying out his new weed eater.

Diane, Pat and Dick in front of the house with Pat's VW Bug and Dick's new Smartcar.

Only Huggy was willing to have her photo taken this time.

We ended up having dinner at Asian 1 in Mount Vernon with Dick and Pat.  It was quite good, mostly a Thai restaurant with some Chinese and Japanese choices.

On May 26th we headed back to Tall Chief, but stopped at Les Schwab Tire Center in Redmond to get a new tire installed.  The right front tire was damaged in Florida because of our alignment problem, but it continued to wear strangely since we had the alignment fixed.  This is a common problem.  That side trip cost real money and made the day's journey 34 miles.

We ended up in our favorite campsite and had the same neighbor as before, who had also been at Thunderbird between, so this is the same photo.

Bill rented a car and spent a few days staying at his mother's place in Tumwater to support her while she had surgery and was in the hospital.  Diane had more doctor's appointments so she stayed in Fall City.

Meesha, Bill's mother's cat:

Zena, Bill's mother's other cat:

Some finches at the feeders.

Bill had dinner with Rex at Black Bear Diner, visited with Roy and Kathy at their new home construction and visited with Ted and Linda while in Tumwater.  He also visited with many of his mother's friends while in the hospital, who also came to visit with his mother.  Bill came back on May 31st and turned in the rental car on June 1st.

We did not end up taking any other photos while in Fall City and Monroe, but we were busy. 

We had dinner with John twice, once at Ixtapa and the other time at Chan's Place.  We had dinner with Dan and Betsy at Udupi Palace.  We had dinner at Jim and Peggy's place in Seattle one evening.  We had dinner with Ron and Bill at Noodleland.  We had dinner with Kelley at Raga, a place we used to go to a lot and is now on our restaurant list.  We found a fast food Greek place, Gyro World, in Redmond to add to the list.  On our own we also ate at Red Robin, Las Margaritas, Chipotle Grill, Pogacha, and multiple teriyaki places.

Our doctor's appointments are over for this round, though Diane has to come back for two follow-ups this summer.

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