April 27 to May 3, 2009 - Coburg (Eugene) and Sherwood (Portland), OR

April 27th we drove 98 miles from the Umpqua Lighthouse to Cummins Northwest in Coburg, OR.  We were last here in May 2007, though we did not take photos.  We fueled up the motorhome at the Safeway store in Florence on the trip because the diesel price was less than in Coburg.  Normally the price on the coast is higher.

That motorhome backed up to the building was waiting on parts.

We got our five year service and they spent a bunch of time trying to find our speedometer issue.  They did find one tight wire, which they loosened, but none of us know if they fixed the problem.

We popped over to Eugene Kamping World, one mile away, for the night.  Our last stay here was in May 2007.

We coordinated with friends and relatives on our schedule the next few days.  We were able to have a quick visit with Deb, who is very busy.   But when we found out that Danne was only available Thursday evening we decided to head north.

Interestingly we only had one meal out while in the Coburg/Eugene area, a nice lunch at Manola's Thai in Eugene.

On April 30th we drove north, taking the slow roads, and arrived at the Sherwood, OR Elks lodge after 106 miles. 

It is a nice place and we could easily come back. 

After getting set up we drove to Wilsonville and had dinner at Wanker's with Danne and his wife Bonnie Jean.  It was good to meet Bonnie Jean and visit again with Danne. 

We took advantage of being around Portland and also Fry's Electronics.  We did have some stormy weather while here.

Here is a nice Evita and Diane photo while in Sherwood.

We were hoping to match up with Dianne and Frank while in town but they were out of town until the last day and needed to be up early on Monday for a medical appointment so we did not get together. 

We did eat out around Portland, in addition to Wanker's in Wilsonville, we also went to Swagat in Beaverton and the Fuddrucker's in Lake Oswego.  This is the last Fuddrucker's we will see for a while and Diane was happy it had ostrich burgers.

Now we are off to visit Bill's mother.

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