April 21 to 26, 2009 - Up the California and Oregon Coast to Umpqua Lighthouse

We left Lakeport on the 21st and headed north in hot weather.  182 miles later we were camped at the Eureka, CA Elks lodge and the temperature was only in the 60s. 

After visiting with other campers we made a Costco run and settled in for the night.

April 22nd we headed north again and followed US101 into Oregon. 

Here is our lunch spot just south of Crescent City, CA:

Our speedometer gave us real fits this day so we can only estimate our trip was 200 miles.  Here we are camped at Bullard's Beach State Park just north of Bandon, OR.

Yes, it was a tight fit.  Later we checked the C loop and if we came back we would camp there.

Hostas growing wild behind our campsite.

We called up Mike, who was workcamping close by.  We had not seen Mike and his dog Blue since Zion in September 2008.

Mike showed us the area and then we tried the Wheelhouse in Bandon for dinner, which was decent.  After dinner we went to his campsite where Blue was and we visited the two of them.  It was good to get together again and we were glad we could match Mike's day off.

Now why are we flying up the beautiful and interesting California and Oregon coast?   It is to meet up with Diane's parents who are work camping at the Umpqua Lighthouse in Reedsport, OR (it is actually closer to Winchester Bay).

So on the 23rd we drove 45 miles north and camped at the second work camping spot, which we were allowed to use since no one else was working.  

We parked for the view, but the second RV parks backed in the spot.

We have a great view.

A telephoto showing the oyster farm:

April 23 Cessna Flight out of Florence, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

April 24 Shore Acres State Park

Bill worked on Rosalie's computer during the day, making it run better.  We also ended up trying the Thai restaurant in Reedsport, Thai Smile, and were happy with the meal.

Night photos of the lighthouse on April 25

Some extra photos around the lighthouse

April 26th Flight south to Cape Arago, Part 1, Part 2

This was a great stop on the way north.  Now we have to head for our service appointment in Coburg.

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