March 28 to April 2, 2010 - Austin and Lubbock, TX

We left Livingston on the 28th and drove west 231 miles to La Hacienda RV Resort on the west side of Austin.  Here is our campsite.

We had planned on staying on the east side of Austin, but there was a rodeo going on and the campgrounds were full.   Our plan was to stay two nights.

Bill's notebook computer was acting up and he checked the warranty from Dell and found it was for next day service.  After doing diagnosis they said the tech would be out the next day to replace the motherboard.  Unfortunately the part was not in stock so we ended up staying four nights and didn't really take much advantage of being in Austin.  The weather was nice and we did some things, but didn't take any photos.   We had only one meal out, at a Johnny Carinos.

Thursday, April 1st we drove 386 miles the Elks lodge in Lubbock, Texas and had some strong winds for part of our journey.   Our original plan was to take two days to drive to Lubbock, but we did it in one longer day.

This Elks lodge has a very nice campground and was very friendly.

Ten campsites:

April 2nd we had lunch at Bangkok Thai and it was very good, well worth going back to if we ever come back to Lubbock.

Now we are off to New Mexico.

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