March 24 to 27, 2010 - Livingston, Texas

Since the campground in Kemah was on TX146 and so was Escapee's Rainbow's End campground we followed TX146 north for 92 miles on the 24th.  We were last here in November 2006.

We ended up in a nice campsite:

Though the pole was a small challenge.

We went to social and met up with Dennis and Carol, whom we last saw in Ohio at the Gypsy Journal Rally.

We went out to dinner at Florida's Kitchen, which many think is the best place to eat in Livingston.

Here is an interesting solar panel arrangement on a motorhome camped in the dry camping area.

We were originally going to stay next to Dennis's mother's place, where they are, but they had construction going on.  Here is their new tow vehicle and motorhome parked at the house.

Some of the construction material.

The place we would have parked except for the construction.

We mostly took it easy while in Livingston.  Dennis and Carol had us over for smoked turkey one night.  We also took a day trip to Huntsville since we had not gone in that direction before. 

We had birds entertaining Evita and ourselves but did not take many photos.  Here is an LBB (Little Brown Bird).

And a blue jay.

Now we are off to Austin, Texas.

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