March 18 to 23, 2010 - Duson, LA and Kemah, TX

We pulled out of Rainbow Plantation and headed west on March 18th.  We kept going until we were well into Louisiana and stopped at Frog City RV Park in Duson, LA after 299 miles.

Evita seemed to like the place.

She also made a friend and rolled around on the ground.

March 19th we headed to Marina Bay RV Park in Kemah, TX, just SE of Houston.  The drive was fine except for the last five miles we were in Spring Break stop and go traffic.  But after 202 miles, here we were.

We are parked next to our friends Ken and Martha, who were out for the evening.  We had last seen them in Fort Myers, Florida in February 2008.

These three ducks were hoping for handouts in the campground.

March 20th we got together with Ken and Martha, had lunch at T-Bone Tom's and then went to see the Johnson Space Center. 

Bill forgot to carry a camera so here are a couple photos from his phone.

The space center was very interesting even on a rainy day.  Since it is tradition for Ken and Martha to have pizza on a Saturday we all went to Cici's Pizza for dinner.  It was cheap.

The next day the four of us went to two different flea markets.  In this photo you can see that they even sell the kitchen sink.

One of the indoor vendors does interesting portraits:

The flea markets were interesting.  For dinner we tried Wael's Mediterranean Cuisine, which was quite good.

The next day was a bit more of a lazy day with Ken and Bill shopping at Fry's Electronics.  We also went out and watched the birds in the "marina" part of the campground, with the tide out.

Some of the gulls we watched.  There were also egrets, herons and brown pelicans to be seen.

And again we went out to eat, this time at Pomodoro's Cucina Italia, also quite good.

We had a good time visiting with Ken and Martha.  They headed south to Galveston on the 23rd.   We took it easy that day.

Now we are off to Livingston, Texas for a few days.

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