March 11 to 17, 2010 - Summerdale, Alabama

We left Holt, Florida and drove west into Alabama on I-10 and a few miles later we turned south and went to Escapees Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama to camp.  Another reasonably short driving day of 89 miles. We last camped here in February 2006.

Our campsite had some muddy spots from the storms, so we parked carefully.

Next to the light pole is Laurie and Odel's motorhome, so it is a short walk.  We will get to visit with them a couple times.  The last time we saw them was at Boomerville in Quartzsite, AZ January 2009.

The next day we decided the weather was nice, it was a weekday, and it was a good time to go to Gulf Shores.  We decided to see if Lulu's was busy as it was a very happening place owned by Jimmy Buffett's sister Lucy.  Here we are.

Not that crowded this day.

Bill's huge crab melt and Diane's Jerk Chicken Sandwich.  The food was good but maybe a bit pricey, but this is a tourist institution.

Next door, the replica Nina and Pinta were in a for a few days.  If you wanted to tour, you paid $7 for adults.

The Pinta is in front and the Nina's masts and sails are visible.

The Pinta is in front and the Nina in back.

There were lots of people taking tours.  The next week was spring break for many and Gulf Shores and Lulu's was very busy.

We also came to see Norm and Linda whom we had last seen in Gillette, Wyoming in July 2008 at the Escapade.  Parked in front of their new house was Norm's sister Gloria and her husband Don, who we had heard about but not met before.  The six of us decided this was the best opportunity to get together for dinner so off we went to Vallarta in Foley.

Bill's dinner at Vallarta in Foley.  A photo of the food but not the people.

In addition to visiting with Laurie and Odel (again no photos but here is one from January 2009) we also visited with Darrell and Judy, who have a nice website

Norm and Linda were going to take off to see March Madness (basketball) in New Orleans, so we fit ourselves into their busy schedule to see their new house and visit a bit.

Norm and Linda's house with Don and Gloria's motorhome in front and Norm and Linda's next to the house.

Norm and Linda posing in their house.  It is a very nice house and we can see why they are happy with it.

We had a good time in Summerdale for a week.  The weather was mostly decent.  We only ate out three times in a week, the two meals above and a quick meal at Zaxby's one evening when we ran out of time to cook.

Now we are off to Texas.

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