March 8 to 10, 2010 - Florida Panhandle

We headed out of Jacksonville the morning of the 8th heading west on I-10.  We called up Doug and JoAnn to see how we should meet up and they met us at a rest area by Ponce de Leon, Florida and led us to Susie and David's home, JoAnn's daughter.  Diane drove the motorhome, JoAnn rode with Diane and Bill and Doug drove the two cars.  We had last seen Doug and JoAnn in Warrenton, OR in July 2009.

We had some effort getting level at the house and David came and helped with wood. 

After 303 miles of driving here we were:

David insisted on fixing an electric connection for us since it had corroded.  You can just make out Doug and JoAnn's RV through the trees.

We had a nice dinner in the house that also included Angela and Sam, two of David and Susie's children.  Everyone also had a tour of our motorhome and Evita was her usual charming self.  We felt very welcome.

In the morning everyone in the house but Angela had left for work early.  Angela needed to be at work at 2PM.

More photos of the place.  This is where Doug and JoAnn are camped.

There are four black cats and this one watched from a tree.

The "tom".

The four cats and Jada.

Filmore looking on.

JoAnn and Doug in front of their RV.

Diane with them.

Doug and JoAnn headed to Panama City to camp for a while and we followed them out but we turned west at I-10.

65 miles after leaving the house we were camped at Eagle's Landing RV Park in Holt, Florida.  A very nice place for a two night stay.

We were set up early enough to drive down to the Destin area and do some shopping we had planned to do the next day.  That was a good idea because the next day it kept threatening to be stormy so we only made one journey out to get some groceries. 

Now we are leaving Florida after about four months in the state.

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