March 1 to 7, 2010 - Jacksonville, FL

Helen came over and said good bye in the morning and then we left Silver Springs after paying for a month of electricity.  We drove east on SR40 to SR11 north this time and after 140 miles we were parked at Hanna Park in Jacksonville again.  Our last stay was in November and we had the same campsite.

Evita seemed to recognize the place.

Wildlife close by like this great egret.

After dark Ken and Carolle came so here are photos of their motorhome which is just visible from the road in front of ours.  They are doing some home remodeling and can't live there so they came to keep us company for a few days.

Here is the view from in front of their motorhome.

We ended up eating out at Campeche Bay Cantina, Carrabba's and O'Charley's with Ken and Carolle along with meals for all at both of our motorhomes. 

Mostly we were on our own in the daytime as they supervised the remodeling and we were busy with them in the evening.

We did get some time to enjoy Hanna Park, even though the cool weather was still with us.

Duck family in the lake.

Brown pelican flying over.

Female anhinga in the lake.

It seems the remodeling was keeping Ken and Carolle out of the house longer than they planned and their campsite was promised to someone else.  Instead of moving they took their motorhome across town to where they own a place to store it.


The beach at Hanna Park on the Atlantic Ocean.

Video of the Beach (5.31MB WMV)

It was great to visit Ken and Carolle again.   Now we are off to see some other friends.

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