February 22 to 28, 2010 - Silver Springs, FL Week 4

We started our last week here with "Thanksgiving" at Bill and Helen's on Monday.  Helen cooked turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and some drinks while the rest of us brought the rest.  The plan was to eat out under their awning but thunderstorms came through right when we got together so 10 of us jammed ourselves inside their Montana Big Sky.  It was cozy, but we all had a place to sit and eat so it worked out fine.  The food was delicious and the company great, so what else did we need?  After dinner we played Wii bowling. 

We coordinated with Howard and Linda to visit with them sometime while we were within driving distance of each other and that ended up being February 25th. 

February 25th trip to see Howard and Linda, Part 1, Part 2

On Friday the 26th we had lunch at Red Lobster with Bill and Helen.  Another great visit.

Saturday we drove to the Market of Marion for produce.  It was cold and a bit wet.

In the afternoon Dave and Barb came to visit us.  We visited and Evita charmed and also watched the birds.

Finally a good photo of the yellow-throated vireo.

We all checked out the neighbor's birds, with permission.  Their African gray parrot through the window.

Brutus was out:

Video of Brutus (1.55MB WMV) (Sorry for the glitch in the middle)

The four of us went to El Toreo down the road for dinner.  Here is a photo of us just after the dishes were cleared.

About 3AM the furnace came on which means it is below 30 degrees outside and the heat pumps cannot keep up.  It was in the 40s according to our thermometer.  Oh no, something is wrong with a heat pump!  In the morning Bill tried a few things and the furnace kept running when the heat pumps were selected.  The last thing he did was pull the 12 volt fuse for the heat pumps to see if it was blown, it wasn't so he put it back in.  At that moment the furnace stopped running and the heat pumps came on.  Crisis averted.

It was sunny and almost warm our last day here in Silver Springs. 

A photo of a grasshopper sparrow (we think) on our feeder.

The street in the campground Anne & Henry and Janice & Dean are on.

A red-shouldered hawk in a tree.

Patches next door, who lives with birds.

A slightly better photo of the African gray parrot.

We visited a bunch with Anne, Henry, Janice and Dean and know we will see them sometime in the future.  Now we are off to Jacksonville, Florida again.

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