February 25, 2010 - Day Trip to Welaka, FL, Part 1

Our plan was to meet Howard and Linda at their campsite in Welaka at 4PM so we headed out at about 2:45PM.  It was sunny but cool.  We headed up CR314 with Diane driving and Bill taking photos.

We didn't see any bears.

We drove through Salt Springs and just after joining SR19 we turned east to take the Ft Gates Ferry.

The road to the ferry is 7 miles of well maintained dirt.

There was one tree down over about 2/3rds of the road.  If we had a Hummer we would have driven over it, but with the CRV we drove around the tree.

The ferry dock is in view.

But we just missed the ferry which was heading to the other side of the St. John's River.

Bill had time to get out and take some photos.

The road back to Salt Springs.

Our car on the ferry dock.

The view of the river.

The ferry is coming back with a car.  But isn't that the same car that went over?

We pulled back out of the way so they could unload.

Yes it is the same car, they get to back off.  Linda later told us the locals like to take visitors on the ferry for fun.

The schedule sign.  The cost is $10.

Our ride over.

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