February 25, 2010 - Day Trip to Welaka, FL, Part 2

This is the ferry dock on the east side, right in a campground.

We went upriver to get to the dock.

Coming in.

Off we went on one mile of dirt road.

Then on paved CR309 to Welaka.

We got to Howard and Linda's fifth wheel almost exactly at 4PM.  We had not seen them since Quartzsite in January 2009.  They run the RV-Dreams.com website.

We had a great visit, getting caught up on the information that is not on our two blog/journals. 

We also looked at Linda's notebook computer to see why it was slower than Howard's.  Linda's had 1GB of RAM, Howard's had 2GB, so Howard ordered 2GB more so in a few days Linda's notebook will have 2.5GB of RAM.  That should get the performance of both notebook computers to a similar level since they are otherwise fairly close including running Windows Vista.

Just before sunset we headed down to the dock to watch the sunset.  But first we had to look at the baby bunnies.

Here are Linda, Howard and Diane at the dock.

Linda brought some flavored almonds and Mauna Loa Maui Onion & Garlic Macadamia nuts.  Both were good but I think we all thought the Macadamia nuts were great.

Here is the sunset, which Howard tries to watch every night possible and posts the photos in his journal.

It was OK, but with no clouds it wasn't a great sunset.

"Wild" rabbits on the way back from the dock.

Then off to dinner we went.  We drove south on CR309 to here.

Howard ordered a full rack of ribs and Linda ordered the lasagna.

Diane ordered the chicken parmesan and Bill ordered one of the specials, a combination beef brisket and pork platter.  Three of us had huge portions and Diane didn't know where to start.

Anyway Bill felt a bit ripped off but has to admit the food was good.  Everyone else took at least another meal's worth home.

After dinner we headed back to their trailer for milk chocolate brownies and soon we were all fading.  Bill drove us home but had to take the long way.  We got home about 10:20PM.

It was great to get together with them again, we always enjoy it.

You can see Howard's blog entry on the day here.

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