November 12 to December 2, 2009 - Lake City and Jacksonville, FL

November 12th we drove 167 miles south into Florida and camped at Oaks n' Pines RV Park in Lake City, FL for the night.

We drove into town and took advantage of there being a Publix, a supermarket chain we really like.   We ended up at dinner in town at the Little Miami Cuban Cafe, which was quite nice.

November 13th we drove 52 miles east on I-10 to Rivers Bus and RV Sales campground on the west side of Jacksonville, FL for a Nutty Buddys Rally.   The last Nutty Buddys Rally we attended was in December 2007, but just for a day trip.

Pretty nice camping.

Nutty Buddys Photos

We had a good time at the rally.

November 15th we drove to the other end of Jacksonville to Hanna Park, a distance of 31 miles.  Our last stay at Hanna Park was in March 2008.

This time we got about the best campsite in the place.

Hanna Park was mostly empty.

The lake close to our campsite.

Carolle was spending some of her time at her mother's place who was having some health challenges during the start of our stay in Jacksonville.  We did visit with Ken and had a couple meals with him.

As Thanksgiving came closer the campground got busier and busier until it was full for Thanksgiving weekend.  Then the people left and it was almost deserted again.

November 20th we drove south for the day.  We had lunch at Urban Flats in Ponte Vedra and then headed to Saint Augustine to visit the Alligator Farm.

Photos and Videos from the Alligator Farm, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Ken and Carolle's place looks the same.

One of the stray cats Carolle and the neighbors are feeding.

Everything set for Thanksgiving dinner.

We had a good Thanksgiving with the family.

November 27th we drove to Fernandina Beach

Now that Carolle's mother was doing better the two of us accompanied Carolle on a visit to see her.  Here Diane, Carolle, Carolle's mother and her mother's husband are talking.

Beach and wildlife photos in Hanna Park

Originally we were leaving December 1st but found out it was going to be wet and windy so we extended another day.  That let Diane help Carolle decorate the Christmas tree.

The room looks different not set up for Thanksgiving.

We had another great visit. 

Other restaurants we ate at were Carrabba's, Zaxby's, Ruby Tuesday, O'Charley's, Bojangle's (new in Jacksonville), Mimi's Cafe and Mambos Cuban.

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