March 22 to 30, 2008 - Jacksonville, Florida

We left Silver Springs on March 22nd knowing that we needed to come back to that area and spend more time.  We drove the back highways through Palatka and after 116 miles we were in our campsite at Hanna Park.   We were last here at the start of December.  We were in town to visit with Ken and Carolle and to support them while Ken gets some medical treatment. 

This time we were in site #152 and had a neighbor only the first couple nights:

As with about all the sites in this campground there were hazards to avoid, like this tree:

But there were also birds to watch for Evita.  For the first couple days a cedar waxwing was hanging around.  It is in the tree in this photo:

This not very good photo shows the male waxwing challenging its own image in the motorhome mirror:

March 26th we went to see JoAnne and Pat's house now that they have moved in.

Carolle live traps squirrels and relocates them but sometimes catches something else.  Like this possum, asleep in this photo:

It woke up when we came closer and released it:

Another morning Carolle found a small raccoon in the trap:

Amaryllis grow in their yard, something that is only an inside plant in Washington State:

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The Beach in Hanna Park March 28

March 29th we attended a hockey game that Ken and Carolle's grandsons Mason and Blake were in:

Evita got a new toy from Nancie in our mail package.

We had a great visit with Ken and Carolle.  Now it was time for us to move on.

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