March 16 to 21, 2008 - Silver Springs, Florida

March 16th we drove 79 miles to Wilderness RV Park Estates in Silver Springs, Florida for a stay of six nights.  We were staying on Passport America. 

In Clermont we purchased a Verizon aircard and a special router to share the internet connection.  In Clermont the aircard was about as fast as our satellite internet.  Here we tried the aircard and it was definitely a fringe area even using an external antenna.  Our download speeds were much slower than satellite though the upload speeds were faster.  We put the dish up to get faster download speeds.

The campsites here are large:

Our friends Bill and Helen ( ) have a lot two spaces over (you can just see Bill in the photo):

We had last seen Bill and Helen in College Park, MD in September.  Here is a view past Bill and Helen's lot with our car and motorhome visible:

The fountain and pond.

A 4-5 foot alligator by the pond.

Helen gave us tours of the place on their golf cart.  This is the new area that is still under construction.

March 18th we drove to The Villages to again visit with Dave and Barb (The Road Abode and Us ), who we visited March 11th.

We tried out a new place for dinner, Whiskey Creek, it was OK but not worth a repeat.  But we had great company and had ice cream at Häagen-Dazs afterwards, always good

Most people in The Villages get around by golf cart (they like to call them "golf cars" here).  Some are fixed up quite interestingly.

Every evening there is entertainment and booths on Tuesday and Thursday at the squares in The Villages:

A couple more golf carts that are variants of the same model:

March 19 we visited Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park (multiple web pages)

March 20th we had a small get together with Bill, Helen, and friends Dave and Barbara ( ) , who were also in the area.  We had last met up with Dave and Barbara on August 12, 2007 in Long Beach, WA.

Here are Bill and Barbara:

Helen and Dave:

March 21 trip to Silver Springs Theme Park Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

We had a good time in this area and especially enjoyed spending so much time with Bill and Helen.

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