September 27 to October 1, 2009 - Celina, OH for the Gypsy Journal Rally

September 27th we drove 24 miles to the Mercer County Fairgrounds in Celina, Ohio for the Gypsy Journal Rally.  Our last Gypsy Journal Rally was in February.

We ended up three spots away from Phil and Joy and next door to their friends Roger and Margie, with the white CRV. 

Roger and Margie were new full-timers having just sold their house.

We found this green and gold National RV Islander at the rally, the first we have seen with this color scheme.

An unusual pet, a rabbit with a nice place to be outside and safe.

Photos from September 28th

Roger and Margie's older dog, friendly and very small.

Photos and video from September 30th

Here is Nick at one of the seminars he taught on October 1st:

For our last day, October 1st, One More Time gave us another show.

Video of "Crazy" (WMV 2.34MB)

Video of "I've Got You Under My Skin" (WMV 1.92MB)

First video of "Its a Beautiful World" (WMV 2.98MB)

In the video above Linda is telling Bill to film something to the left, this is the video he took:

Second video of "Its a Beautiful World" (WMV 1.33MB)

The last video is a lively tune with people dancing (WMV 3.26MB)

"One More Time" were wonderful.

We had a great time, helped Nick and Terry here and there and visited with many friends.

We ate dinner out with Jim and Chris (China Wok Buffet), Joy and Phil (C.J. Highmarks and Bella's Italian), and Mike and Elaine (C.J. Highmarks again since it was so good).  One day Bill had lunch at The Willow and enjoyed it.

Now we are going to Elkhart, Indiana to get some remodeling done on the motorhome.

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