November 28 to December 3, 2010 - Death Valley National Park, CA

We left Las Vegas on November 28th and headed to Death Valley National Park. 

Down we go to below sea level.

After 136 miles we were camped at Sunset Campground since Furnace Creek Campground was full.  Our last stay in the park was at Furnace Creek in December 2006.

Lots of campsites open and the Furnace Creek Inn is in the distance.

Telephoto of the Furnace Creek Inn from our campsite.

The wind came up strong that evening on our driver's side so we ended up moving the satellite dish after it blew over.  Here is our campsite in the morning.

The main visitors center was closed for renovation.  They had a temporary visitors center open but no place to hold ranger talks so they had the ranger talks outside at various places in the evenings.

November 29th trip to Scotty's Castle and back, Part 1, Part 2

November 30th Dante's View, Artist's Drive and Badwater, Part 1, Part 2

December 1st Rhyolite, Titus Canyon and the Furnace Creek Inn, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

December 2nd Ashford Mill, Badwater and Golden Canyon, Part 1, Part 2

We went to multiple evening ranger talks while visiting and they were fun.  It was cold out.

We brought all of our food and had picnic lunches every day.

December 3rd as we were starting to break camp we had a roadrunner visit.

The roadrunner felt safe under the satellite dish.

It was great to come back to Death Valley.  We always enjoy it.

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