January 20, 2010 - J.N. "Ding" Darling NWR, Part 4

Then the night heron came back and we took some videos and photos as it stocked something, but didn't catch it.

Four videos of the Yellow-crowned night heron (only for wildlife lovers):

Video 1 (1.50MB WMV)

Video 2 (1.19MB WMV)

Video 3 (1.31MB WMV)

Video 4 (1.34MB WMV)

Here are a couple videos of the small herons showing how differently they move.

A video of a little blue heron walking in the water (647KB WMV)

A video of a tri-colored heron walking in the water (514KB WMV)

Note that reddish egrets look like extra large little blue herons but act and move more like tri-colored herons.

An immature little blue heron (notice the color of the beak and legs) and a white ibis:

A snowy egret (the same size as a little blue and tri-colored but notice the beak and legs are dark):

A mature little blue heron:

A mass of birds:

Including many snowy egrets and a variety of gulls:

Another snowy egret:

Another little blue heron:

A classic photo of a male anhinga:

We did see great egrets and great blue herons in the distance, but not close up.  But we see them all the time in the campground.  We did not see any non-bird wildlife like alligators or otters.

It was worthwhile doing the wildlife drive again.  In fact we could do it multiple times and still not get tired of it.   

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