January 20, 2010 - J.N. "Ding" Darling NWR, Part 3

Bill was hoping the blue bird was a reddish egret, but the legs are too light in color so it is a little blue heron.  At this distance the size difference between a reddish egret and little blue heron is not obvious.

Many double-breasted cormorants around.

Our horned pelican seems to be doing fine so we are not worried.

We move on and at one point take a path out into the mangroves.  At the end we can see some trees are full of nesting egrets.  This is a full telephoto crop of one of them.

A bird flies by and it is too big to be a little blue heron.  Here is our only sighting of a reddish egret this day.   Luckily we have better photos of reddish egrets from Merritt Island NWR.

A male anhinga.

A couple people were looking at something just after the anhinga and it turned out to be a green heron.  The heron was hard to see until seen and then was obvious.

Can you see the heron here? 

A female anhinga.

Some people having a picnic watching a yellow-crowned night heron and some white ibis.

The heron was heading away.

A tri-colored heron on the other side of the road.

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