September 15, 2010 - Escapade in Goshen, IN

We went to the Escapade for "Community Day".

We got to be in the Boomer group for the parade and see some of our good friends.  This is Elinore, whom we hadn't seen since February.

Joe and Kay Peterson doing a talk.

The evening door prizes had some skits like Doctor Gadget.

Video of Professor Gadget (5.37MB WMV)

Video of more fun (1.18MB WMV)

We went with Dave and Elinore to the Chapter 8 social.  Dave is in the next two photos.


Mike and Terri Church giving a talk on Mexican camping.  They were glad to see us since we hadn't met up in a couple years. 

Video of Mike and Terri (1.42MB WMV)

Afterwards we went to dinner at Applebee's with Dave and Elinore before we headed back to the motel room.  We really miss the motorhome.

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